Once upon a time there was a land known as Hyrule. A beautiful, bountiful land despite the fact that it lay under a curse.

Shortly after creating the world, the Goddesses of Hyrule left for reasons known only to them. Some claim it was for the same reasons a bird will push its children from the nest. Others claim they deemed their Creation unfit, and rejected it. Still others believ their absence was a test, and only once the trials they set before creation were overcome, would they return.

But that wasn’t the curse.

The Goddesses left a piece of themselves behind – a golden artifact with the power to grant the wishes of any brave, wise, and powerful enough to hold it. The Triforce. There were those who felt the golden power was a temptation put there by the Goddesses, and only by resisting temptation could their trials be passed. Others felt it was put there as a test, and only once a representative of creation was able to possess the golden power whole would the Goddesses return. And there were those who simply thought it a convenient and useful byproduct of the Goddesses’ exit from Creation. Countless souls were lost in pursuit of that golden power, Kingdoms went to war over it, and in all more death and destruction was wrought in its name than any other’s. It is rarely held, even more rarely possessed whole, and it does not stay held for long.

But that wasn’t the curse either.

In those first days of Hyrule, a trinity arose in the Goddesses’ absence. Not deities, though some came close to it, and it remains a source of much debate whether their fates grew tangled by chance or by destiny. The first war fought over the Triforce was theirs. The first to hold it was they. And whether the fact that they were first was enough to bind them to it, or it was their sheer force of will and refusal to let the quest go, bound they were. And once an age they awaken, return, and begin the war again.

They are the curse. And the Goddesses’ Trial is theirs.

Trial of the Goddesses

Mudora KKaye